Wednesday, June 5, 2013


    When I first began looking at colleges, I had an idea in mind of the type of school at which I could flourish. As an artist and competitive runner, I had to find a school where I could participate in both an enriching art program and Division 1 sports. Fortunately, my mother - in her infinite wisdom - pushed me to look at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. And here I am!

    In the two years I've lived in Asheville, I've fallen in love with both the artsy, creative culture and mountainous, beautiful scenery that makes this city a travel destination. From artists in the River Arts District to restaurateurs throughout the city to city-walkers with rainbow mohawks, Asheville is buzzing with innovative people pursuing and sharing their art, whatever form. Also, Asheville’s setting in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains provides its resident artists with abundant inspiration and resources.

    As a photojournalist and avid lover of my new city, I have begun exploring Asheville, unearthing some of the city’s known and lesser-known innovators. To match the atmosphere of the place it resides in, UNC Asheville's new motto has appropriately become "seriously creative.” Thus, my blog will focus on "seriously creative" people in Asheville (and other cities when I eventually get to travel again) along with their art and inspiration. I hope everyone enjoys reading of my findings as much as I enjoy finding them!

    Today’s photos include some of the places I go when seeking inspiration: Downtown, Beaver Lake, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.