Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bicycle Built for Two

I photographed my first wedding last year and instantly fell in love with this type of photography. Weddings give guests a look into the personalities of the couple from their choice of decorations to their sermon and vows. Thus, photographs of each wedding must reflect both the emotions of the day as well as the personalities of the couple and family.
    Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Kari Sederburg and Jay Dore, a couple from Michigan who came to Asheville to get married in front of a beautiful mountain backdrop. While Kari and Jay were as in love as any other almost-married couple, they certainly had their own way of doing things.
    For instance, rather than put a ring of Kari’s finger, Jay proposed with a bicycle! It might make more sense to explain that the two are avid cyclists. The gear shifts on Kari’s bike are adorably inscripted with “Will you marry me?” and the date of the proposal.

       One of my favorite things working with this couple was how relaxed they were. Their philosophy on their wedding was that it was a celebration of their union, that everyone should just have fun and be comfortable. They even laughed and joked intermittently through their ceremony making it delightful to listen to.

     But, certainly, one of the most unique factors of their reception was the food – always one of my favorite parts, anyways. As one of Kari’s favorite foods is tacos and Jay’s go-to meal is pizza, they each had a station dedicated to these, their favorite foods. And, to top it off, perched in the corner of the reception hall was a beautiful tower of donuts that looked (almost) too good to eat.

    The festivities wound down with toasts, dancing and chatting, but not before a gorgeous sunset dropped behind the mountains. There could not have been a better venue in which to capture the beauty of a mountain wedding! 

Congratulations again to Kari and Jay. If you are interested in booking me for a wedding, please email me and we can set up a consultation.