Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Personal Progress

As a photographer I’m much more comfortable behind the lens than in front. So, what better way to take a self-portrait than while photographing the lake with my film camera?  

    At the risk of tooting my own horn, I thought I would focus my first artist post on my personal photographic journey.
    My first foray into the imaginative world began before I can remember. Documented evidence shows that I began my artistic career writing and illustrating my own books (at the young age of 5) with the classic, The Dad-Dad Monster, as my crowning glory.
    I quickly moved into sewing, creating my own clothing line for my American Girl doll, Samantha. I even taught myself to sew on an old – probably vintage, at this point - Singer sewing machine.
    I bought my first camera, a Canon point-and-shoot, in 7th grade and from that moment on I was hooked. Everywhere I went, I took my camera - as my numerous Facebook photo albums prove.
    9th grade was a big year for my right-brain. Trips to New York City and Paris not only showed me big-city life – a world I’d like to experience more of – but also introduced me to travel photography, a style that continues to influence me.
    My knowledge of photography increased immensely through high school as one of my favorite teachers, Anna Wakefield, introduced me to darkroom photography and film cameras. Mrs. Wakefield, along with her enthusiasm for the medium, is one of my greatest influences in pursuing photography.
    Through my studies at UNC Asheville, I have recognized my personal aesthetic; portrait studies showing the subjects’ personalities. The intent of my work is to convey the emotion and personality of my subjects in terms of their relationship to me as a photographer.
    In my dreams, my creative handiwork will lead me all over the world shooting people (with my camera, obviously) of all walks of life.

 I also journal a lot, both of my ideas for photography and simple day-to-day musings. Journaling is a very cathartic process and my favorite way to improve my photography and unwind after a long day.